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How to maintain and control the Balance (tempo) of golf swing – Simple Swing Intermediate

We heard so much about balance and control about golf swing –  falling back,  tilting,   not creating forward divots,  unstable finish,  slicing and hooking.   We sometimes find ourselves overloaded with tips and mechanics of golf swing.  We studied and practiced before going out to the field, and yet we forget to execute those.  We have gone through so much with these both in the fields and out of the fields.   Is there any simple answer to resolve these issues and problems?

Here are what finally came with, and hopefully we all can get the benefit from these.

In one word, we want to take a really really brief pause when we are on the top of back-swing before executing down-swing.  And we want to bring  down arms (i.e. handle) and body TOGETHER.  Again, TOGETHER.

Here are tips for you, all golfers.

1. While you are doing the back-swing, you take the club away back and coil (rotate) your body simultaneously.  These actions should be very quite, yet stable and powerful and with the proper tempo.  You don’t want your center of body (or shoulder) to fall back (i.e. tilt back).

2.  Once your club reaches to the top, it is time for you to do the down swing.  A lot of things can go wrong if you loose balance, or you are inconsistent or out of tempo.

3. Please try to take a really brief pause at the top.  This could be done either by physically brief pause or mental pause.  Now, please remember this. This will be a extremely important.  You will do both un-coiling your body(shoulder) and  down-swing of club together, in tandem.  Please do two together.  In other word, down-swing the club along with your body uncoiling.  Thus, these movements will highly promote the striking the ball with the sense of forward movement. You will not fall back or tilt back.

Please practice these movements and make a part of your golf swing, unconsciously.  You will see the differences.  You can apply these tips even to the putting, or to the quarter/half swing under the hazardous situation.

I hope you will make a great stride this year and enjoy better golf this year!!

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How to strike a Golf ball straight and cleanly, and consistently – Simple Swing Advanced

Golf is a different sport from others such as tennis or basketball. Golf is a target game with striking a ball which is paused in the ground. Yet, it is not easy to strike a ball cleanly even though a ball is sitting quietly on the ground.

We all understand that it is not easy to hit the ball perfectly all the time, but we want to minimize the chance of mis-hitting.

Here are some tips that help anybody to strike a ball straight and cleanly.

1. First, Posture. Straighten out your left arm with easiness.
2. Lift up the left shoulder and lower the right shoulder. Do not lean to the right, but make sure your stance is straight up, and lift/lower the shoulders very vertically.
3. While lowering the right shoulder, make sure your right arm is touching the lower/right side of stomach.
4. This form ensures that your starting posture will be almost the same as your posture at the time of striking the ball. This is very important concept because it will reduce the possibility of poor striking.
5. Second, Swing plane. Think of plane that is surrounding your body and the chest and the stomach.

6. Imagine there are three points, one is handle and second is the spot where right arm is touching the stomach, and third one is far right side around your hip.
7. Visualize that these there points are gliding along the swing plane, and make sure the swing plane is aiming the target dead-straight.
8. Do your normal swing. Your left arm should be the guidance and should glide on the swing plane.
9. You can apply this posture to putting as well. You will putt the ball very straight.
10. Practice several times to make this a part your natural swing, and have a confidence. You will see the difference.

Enjoy Golfing to utmost level!!

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How to improve Golf Game – Simple Swing Basic

Do you believe you can unlock your hidden potential by discovering the Golf Swing that is delivering consistent, accurate distance to thousands of golfers world-wide. You can save a bunch of strokes and be extremely competitive, and enjoy ultimate golf.

Let’s find out how to be a real winner with competitive edge!

For Drive, place ball just right off the hill of left foot. For middle irons, put the ball between the left hill and center of stance. For a short iron, put the ball in the middle.

Hold golf club parallel to the ground while standing straight, and bend naturally until club head touches the ground. Maintain the cocking as before.

Think of football shape and divide it up into 4 quadrants. The top right quadrant is the initial quadrant that you will start taking away club from the golf ball and bring it back to the ball point.

Remember the shape of Football. It is not exactly round. Now, Hit the ball and follow through along the shape of left top quadrant.

Finish high. Remember that you stretch out the left arm smoothly enough at the initial addressing, so that left arm stay the same at the time of ball striking as when it left the ball.

Your left arm should be the guidance and should glide on the swing plane along Football’s 4 quadrants.
Practice, so that your swing will be quiet, yet powerful. Have a confidence in your swing.

This is it!!

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